Corporate Events

We here at Live Wire are ready when you are, whether you’re launching a brand new product, a promotional event or celebrating the life span of your company and its success so far. We’re always ready to be there for you, especially when it comes to thanking your team for everything they are continuing to offer or the jobs they’re doing well! Or if you feel like you need to congratulate your staff for continuing to stick by you as an extra thank you. We promise that we will give you the whole package of great entertainment, with our music library going back from the 50’s up until the latest and greatest UK charts! Our Corporate events include a premium Mobile Disco service for your company event and we promise we will be reliable at all times as we have a pure passion for entertaining your staff and yourself.

We work with you

We consider a wide range of factors when undertaking corporate work such as the dress code, black tie with white shirt, the size of the venue, number of guests, your requirements, all of which we talk through at the time of booking.

Are you ready

Contact Live Wire today, to make your next company party or event a huge success!